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Infrared Asphalt Paving – Stratford, CT

Infrared asphalt paving and repair is a relatively new method of asphalt repair that uses an infrared heating unit to soften old defective asphalt into a workable state. Once this is accomplished new asphalt is added, fusing it seamlessly with the surrounding area. Driveway Sealing Call Frank specializes in asphalt paving, pothole repair in the Stratford area and beyond using the infrared method.

While infrared technology is used to repair a variety of asphalt defects, its most common use is for pothole repair. As compared to the old method, where a square of damaged asphalt is cut out, removed and filled with new, the infrared method does not require a saw cut and eliminates the seams that exist after the repair is made. The advantage of the infrared method is the way the new patch material is joined seamlessly to the surrounding pavement. This means no water can penetrate through an asphalt seam.

The infrared asphalt repair method can be used for all types of asphalt repair with exception of those that require new base material beneath the asphalt. When this occurs the asphalt must be completely removed so the source of the asphalt defect can be properly addressed.



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Our school and church parking lots were in serious need of repair. We have always heard of Frank’s great reputation and were not disappointed with the results. Our newly surfaced parking lot just made it through the worst winter on the books looking like the day Frank and his team finished the job.

St. James School, Stratford, CT

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