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ADA Violations – Do You Know There?

ADA Violations - Do You Know There?, commercial sealcoating ctUnder the ADA Accessibility Guidelines, your parking lot must meet a variety of conditions to be considered compliant. Full compliance is required for new construction, but you must also ensure complete compliance if you alter an existing parking lot — and the ADA states that just having your lot restriped is considered an alteration. Furthermore, many people are unaware that revisions to the ADA were issued in 2010, requiring all alterations performed since March 2012 to comply with the new regulations. As a result, there are still many parking lots to be found that are in violation of the latest standards. ADA violations can result in substantial fines, but they can also discourage the disabled from visiting your business, create a negative perception in your community or leave you open to lawsuits. If you are wondering whether your parking lot has violations, the following tips can help you identify some common problem areas.

ADA Violations – Do You Know There?

Determine the Minimum Number of Accessible Spaces Needed

To determine whether you have the minimum number of accessible spaces, first determine how many parking spaces are in your entire lot. If your lot consists of between one and 25 spaces, you should have one accessible space. Increase the number of accessible spaces by one for every 25 additional spaces up to 100. Thereafter, increase the number of accessible spaces by one for every 50 spaces up to 200; add one additional accessible space for every 100 parking spaces up to 500. If you have between 501 and 1,000 spaces in the lot, you should have 2 percent of the total spaces dedicated to accessible parking. For lots over 1,000 spaces, you should have 20 handicapped spaces plus one additional space for every additional 100 total spaces or fraction thereof.

One-sixth of your handicapped spaces must provide van access. Therefore, the minimum number of van-accessible spaces needed is one for lots with between one and 200 total spaces and two for lots having between 201 and 500 total spaces. Round up to the nearest whole number when determining the requirements for van spaces. To illustrate, if your lot has 1,001 spaces and 20 accessible spaces, four of the accessible spaces must be for vans.

The requirements are different for certain medical facilities. For example, facilities offering hospital outpatient services are required to make 10 percent of the patient spaces accessible. Facilities offering physical therapy on an outpatient basis and rehabilitation facilities that specialize in patients with mobility issues must dedicate 20 percent of their patient parking to accessible parking. One-sixth of the accessible spaces still need to be van-accessible.

Determine Whether Sizes of Spaces and Access Aisles Are Correct

Van-accessible spaces can be 11 feet wide with access aisles that are 5 feet wide or 8 feet wide with access aisles that are also 8 feet wide. Car-accessible spaces should be at least 8 feet wide and have access aisles that are 5 feet wide. Access aisles must have pavement markings to help identify them as no-parking areas.

Determine Whether Required Signage Is Present

All accessible spaces must have signs that identify them as such, and van-accessible spaces need an additional sign stating that they are van-accessible. The bottom edges of signs should be a minimum of 60 inches from the ground.

Determine Whether Maintenance Is Sufficient

The route from the accessible spaces to your building, the parking spaces themselves and the access aisles must be properly repaired, free from any obstructions and clear of leaf piles, ice or snow. Shrubbery should be trimmed so that it does not intrude into any area intended to provide accessibility.

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Driveway Sealing Call Frank is an asphalt maintenance company and we have been helping Connecticut customers make their parking lots ADA-compliant since 1998. Our services include parking lot striping, sealcoating, infrared pothole repair, asphalt crack repair, concrete repair and concrete installation. We deliver quality work at competitive prices. If you have more questions about ADA Violations – Do You Know There?, or would like a free estimate, submit the online quote request or call (203) 378-0080 or (800) DRIVEWAY.

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