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Asphalt Pavement & Clean Air

Asphalt Pavement & Clean Air, driveway sealing ctEveryone wants to breathe clean air — so much so that a handful of entrepreneurs have been selling bottled air, primarily to people in countries with extremely high levels of air pollution. For example, bottled air from Australia, Canada and Great Britain has been shipped to numerous customers in China, a country ranked as one of the worst for air quality. In the United States, initiatives to promote cleaner air have included reducing coal consumption, strengthening the standards for vehicle emissions, stringently regulating the use of certain refrigerants and closely monitoring emissions from industrial plants. However, many people are not aware that asphalt pavement and clean air make positive contributions!

Asphalt Pavement & Clean Air – Cleaner than Most People Assume

Admittedly, during the early part of the 20th century, asphalt plants produced some rather noxious fumes and contributed to air pollution. However, the industry voluntarily chose to handle the problem. Since 1970, asphalt plants have lowered their emissions by approximately 97 percent despite increasing their production by about 250 percent. Not even the EPA finds the asphalt industry to be an important detriment to air quality. In addition, producing asphalt pavement requires less energy than is used to produce other paving materials, so asphalt plants have a smaller carbon footprint overall.

Asphalt Pavement & Clean Air – Reduces Traffic Congestion

Traffic jams are common in many cities, especially during the peak hours for commuting. Whether a vehicle burns gasoline or diesel, idling and stop-and-go traffic increases both fuel consumption and emissions. Congestion can occur because there are too many vehicles on a road or when lanes need to be closed for repairs. Because asphalt pavement can be installed and repaired quickly, new roads can go into service much sooner, and lane closures can often be limited to off-peak hours.

Asphalt Pavement & Clean Air – Virtually All Asphalt Pavement Gets Recycled

Asphalt pavement is 100-percent recyclable, and more than 99 percent of it is reclaimed and recycled. Most of the reclaimed asphalt is used to produce new pavement, reducing the demand for the petroleum distillates used for binders as well as reducing the energy required for the manufacturing process. Furthermore, remanufactured asphalt pavement can include asphalt shingles, foundry sand or other recycled materials. More tons of asphalt pavement are recycled annually in the United States than the total tonnage for recycled aluminum, paper, plastic and glass.

Asphalt Pavement & Clean Air – Delivers Better Fuel Efficiency

A rough pavement can force vehicles to consume over 4 percent more fuel, and the more fuel that is consumed, the higher the levels of emissions. Asphalt pavement provides a smooth, even surface that promotes greater fuel efficiency.

Asphalt Pavement & Clean Air – Reduces Urban Heat Islands

The urban heat island effect can make the air temperature in a city as much as 10 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the air temperature in surrounding rural areas. Although there are many factors contributing to the heat island effect, the pavements that cover a high percentage of a city’s total area are one of the major contributors. The thicker and more impervious these pavements are, the more they will contribute to warmer temperatures. Porous asphalt pavements can be much cooler than adjacent concrete pavements.

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