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Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving

Asphalt Pavement - Winter Driving, asphalt sealcoating, darien ct The mere mention of autumn can generate pleasant thoughts in the minds of many people. Perhaps they admire the brilliant foliage that appears as trees react to the change in seasons. Perhaps they have fond memories of curling up with a good book in front of a hearth in which burned the first fire of the season. Perhaps they look forward to pulling a much-loved, well-worn sweater out of storage. Naturally, there are those who prefer a different season. However, whether you love the fall or would prefer to skip the season entirely, autumn poses some unique hazards when you are behind the wheel.

Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving  – Leaves

The same leaves that looked so beautiful while they were still on their trees are much less attractive after they pile up in the street. They can hide pavement markings, including center stripes and directional arrows. There could also be a pothole or other hazard lurking beneath the leaves. In addition, rain can make even a small pile of leaves as slippery as ice.

Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving  – Light Rain

A light rain can make driving more treacherous than a heavy downpour, especially if it has been several weeks since the last rainfall. Motor oils and road film collect on the pavement, and although a heavy rain can wash it away, a light rain will tend to pool on top, making the pavement slippery. Since overnight lows can drop below freezing in the fall, even a light rain can lead to patches of frost or ice on the pavement during your morning commute.

Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving  – School Traffic

School is back in session, so you will be faced with increased vehicle traffic as parents deliver and pick up their children. There will be school buses sharing the roads as well as an increase in pedestrian traffic as kids make their way to and from their bus stops. Furthermore, drivers may encounter newly licensed students who are driving themselves to and from school — but may not follow every rule of the road or have the experience to react properly in an emergency.

Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving  – Deer

According to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, deer-vehicle accidents in the state result in damages of approximately $28 million annually, and numerous human injuries — as well as several fatalities — have occurred during the last 15 to 20 years. Many collisions occur during the fall; deer are more likely to be migrating or searching for a mate during the autumn months. In the shoreline towns and the southwestern part of the state, deer can often be spotted in residential neighborhoods as well as rural areas.

Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving  – Reduced Hours of Daylight

As December 21 approaches, the hours of daylight will consistently decrease, leaving many drivers struggling to adjust to nighttime driving. The problem is compounded when the time changes in the autumn and night falls an hour earlier — a trip that was completed in daylight on Friday may need to be completed in darkness on the following Monday. People with little experience driving at night or who have trouble seeing in low light may need to adjust their driving habits until they become accustomed to the time change.

Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving  – Sun Glare

Sun glare can create more problems for drivers during the autumn than in the summer. As summer wanes, the angle of the sun changes. Sunlight may reflect from windows, cars and buildings directly into the eyes of drivers. If the sun is setting behind you, its reflection in your rearview mirror could be temporarily blinding.

Asphalt Pavement – Winter Driving  – Windshield Issues

A clean, clear windshield decreases your driving risks. If your windshield is dirty, smudged or streaked, your visibility is reduced. It is also important to clear any frost or ice from the windshield, side mirrors and windows before attempting to drive.

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