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Driveway Sealing & Fundamental Ingredients

asphalt-maintenanceAsphalt is the most popular paving material in the United States and is used for everything from busy interstates to residential driveways. Asphalt pavement is economical, can be installed quickly and has an aesthetically pleasing color. However, asphalt pavement can be damaged by the ultraviolet radiation emitted by the sun. Automotive fluids and certain other chemicals can also accelerate the deterioration of asphalt pavement. The best way to slow down the deterioration of your pavement and improve its appearance is to have sealcoating professionally applied at the intervals that are appropriate for the use your pavement receives. However, Driveway Sealing & Fundamental Ingredients and the effectiveness of the sealcoating can be impacted by the ingredients used.

Driveway Sealing & Fundamental Ingredients – Sealant Quality

A great sealcoating job begins with the quality of the sealant chosen. There are numerous sealants on the market, but not all of them are suitable for every application. Your contractor will need to select the best sealant for the type of traffic your pavement receives and the pavement’s condition. Once he has chosen the correct sealant, he will need to prepare the mix. Starting with the dry sealant supplied by the manufacturer, he will make liquid sealcoating by adding water, sand and additives. If his recipe is faulty, your sealcoating will not last as it should.

Driveway Sealing & Fundamental Ingredients – The Sand

Sand is an extremely important addition to the sealcoating mix. Without sand, traction will be severely reduced, posing a safety hazard for both drivers and pedestrians. Furthermore, the cured sealcoating will not be as tough and will be more prone to damage. However, your contractor must use the right type of sand and the correct amount. The sand needs to be pure and have grains that are the correct size. If the grains are too small, the sand will absorb too much of the binding agent and reduce the sealant’s performance. If the grains are too large, traffic will dislodge them, allowing them to wear on the sealant and grind it away.

Driveway Sealing & Fundamental Ingredients – The Additives

Additives are ingredients that are incorporated into the sealcoating mix to enhance specific aspects of the sealant. For example, there are additives that can darken the sealant’s color, accelerate the curing or ensure that the sand remains evenly suspended throughout the mix. Contractors choose the additives based on the existing weather conditions and specific job. If the humidity level is high, the temperature is nearing the recommended minimum, the pavement is extremely porous or the customer desperately needs the area opened to traffic as soon as possible, experienced sealcoating professionals know which additives to use to ensure a quality job. There are also additives that can be used if the temperature is extremely high to reduce tire marks or that will enable pavement markings to be applied sooner. Additives have a tiny impact on the cost of your sealcoating job, but they can help ensure that your sealcoating will last as it should and that your pavement will look its best.

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Driveway Sealing Call Frank has been delivering exceptional sealcoating work since 1998. We are committed to providing affordable, quality solutions regardless of the job’s scope. Our services include commercial and residential driveway sealcoating, crack repairs, asphalt paving, infrared pothole repair, asphalt curbing, parking lot striping, concrete pavement and concrete repair. We provide our services to customers in the Connecticut area, including the towns of Greenwich, West Haven, Stamford, Fairfield, Darien, Norwalk, Westport, New Canaan, Milford and Weston. Our references are impeccable and our work is top-notch. If you would like a free quote, you can use the online form or call 1-800-DRIVEWAY or 1-203-378-0080.

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My home in Orange has a very long, uphill and curving driveway that had many alligator cracks and other problems over 18 years of use. Frank’s asphalt heating and curing process did an excellent job to refinish the driveway and get it looking nearly like new.

It was not all roses, however, since some of the work was done in the late Fall and the seal coating over certain areas could not be done over the Winter. In the early Spring, the driveway looked very patchy. However, Frank and his team came back in two days and not only completed the promised work but went beyond our agreement to assure my satisfaction. I met Frank 3 times in this process and I can say without reservation that he is an honest man who stands behind his work.

Mark Nordstrom, Orange, CT

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