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Driveway Sealing in Darien, CT

asphalt-sealcoating-2Few residents of Darien would disagree with the statement that they live in one of the most attractive towns in Connecticut. Well-kept streets, historical homes, scenic views and features such as the graceful Ring’s End Landing Bridge combine to make Darien an appealing community, even in a county known for lovely towns.

It is therefore not surprising to learn that Darien residents take great pride in owning attractive, well-maintained homes. One effective, economical method of enhancing the curb appeal of any home is having the driveway sealcoated. Sealcoating can make faded asphalt driveways look fresh and new, enhancing the color while smoothing out minor flaws in the surface of the pavement.

However, sealcoating is more than just a “beauty treatment” for asphalt. Sealants can often double the usable life of asphalt pavement. Corrosive chemicals, such as transmission fluids or engine coolants, can deteriorate asphalt. UV rays accelerate the asphalt’s aging process. Ice, snow and rain can penetrate even tiny cracks in the asphalt; subsequent cold weather can freeze the trapped water, resulting in damage to the pavement and/or the supporting foundation. Sealcoating forms a protective barrier atop the pavement to help shield it from these types of damages.

Sealcoating must be reapplied periodically to provide proper protection. The frequency of applications depends a great deal on the way the driveway is used, drainage and similar factors. Some homeowners find it is necessary to have their driveways sealed every year, while others only need new sealcoating every two or three years.

It is extremely important to have cracks filled before sealcoating is applied. Although sealcoating can even out minor surface imperfections, it cannot be used as an alternative to proper repairs. If sealant is applied over an unrepaired crack and the crack expands — which it is practically guaranteed to do — it will rip the sealcoating and allow water to penetrate beneath the pavement. (For the most attractive asphalt repairs, homeowners might want to consider the infrared method of asphalt repair, which provides a permanent repair that often blends so perfectly with surrounding pavement that it is invisible.)

Driveway Sealing Call Frank has been sealcoating driveways for Darien homeowners since 1998. Our crews also have experience with infrared asphalt repairs as well as traditional methods of repairing damaged asphalt. We can provide pavement markings, sealcoat parking lots or handle virtually any asphalt-related repair or maintenance procedure. We are committed to providing superior work at reasonable rates. If you would like to request a free, no-obligation quote, you can use our online form. You can also call us toll-free at 1-800-DRIVEWAY or at 203-378-0080.

Complete Maintenance for Asphalt Pavement

Driveway Sealing Call Frank offers a wide range of services to help you protect your asphalt pavement and keep it looking its best. Services include:

Sealcoating — Sealant should be applied to new asphalt pavement before the pavement is 12 months old, so it is typically the first maintenance activity needed. Sealcoating is an important part of a professional maintenance program that could lead to your pavement lasting up to twice as long as its life would be without the proper care. Learn more about sealcoating in Darien, CT!

Crack Filling — Untreated cracks pose a serious risk to you asphalt pavement. Water penetrates through cracks and can destabilize the foundation. Having cracks repairing is critical part of a maintenance program that is designed to prolong the life of your pavement. Learn more about crack repair in Darien, CT!

Asphalt Repair — As durable as asphalt pavement is, it will eventually age, become brittle and deteriorate despite your best efforts to maintain it. However, even asphalt that is near the end of its life can be helped through patching, pothole repair and similar services. Learn more about asphalt repair in Darien, CT!

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Our school and church parking lots were in serious need of repair. We have always heard of Frank’s great reputation and were not disappointed with the results. Our newly surfaced parking lot just made it through the worst winter on the books looking like the day Frank and his team finished the job.

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