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Driveway Sealing in West Haven, CT

driveway sealing in West Haven, CT The city of West Haven has had a long (and sometimes turbulent) history. The area’s first settlers arrived in 1648, but it would take almost two centuries before West Haven finally obtained approval to break away from the town of New Haven and many more decades before it officially became West Haven. During the Revolutionary War, the town saw frequent incursions of troops from both sides as the shoreline provided excellent locations for raiding parties to land or embark. (Currently, approximately one-fourth of all publicly accessible beaches in the state are found in West Haven.)

Throughout its history, West Haven has persevered and prospered. Today, it is an eclectic mixture of ages and occupations as well as newcomers and descendants of early settlers. It is the home of the University of New Haven as well as a large research facility owned by Yale University. It hosts a VA hospital and Yale Field, which is the university’s baseball park.

When it comes to residential properties, West Haven is a mixture of painstakingly restored historic homes and new construction. However, regardless of the period during which the homes were built, many property owners have discovered the advantages of asphalt driveways. Asphalt is durable, environmentally friendly and has a natural luster that creates instant curb appeal.

Asphalt does need a little help to reach its full life and look its best. One of the best things homeowners can do for their asphalt driveways is to have them professionally sealcoated. The first application of sealcoating should be done within 12 months of the installation of the new asphalt. Depending on the driveway, it may need to be reapplied annually.

Sealcoating helps bring back the rich color that is a hallmark of new asphalt. It evens out any minor imperfections to give the pavement a smooth appearance. Furthermore, sealcoating protects the asphalt from damage by forming a barrier against oil, automotive fluids, UV rays and water.

Driveway Sealing Call Frank is a Connecticut-certified contractor providing a wide range of asphalt services since 1998. Our team members have the knowledge and experience to ensure that the job is performed correctly and at an affordable rate. If you would like to request a quote, you can send us your information by submitting our online form, or you can call us at (203) 378-0080 or 1-800-DRIVEWAY.

Complete Services for Asphalt Driveways

At Driveway Sealing Call Frank, we are dedicated to providing you with all of the services you need to get the most out of your investment in asphalt. Our services include:

Asphalt Sealing — Sealcoating can enhance your driveway’s appearance as well as helping to prolong its life. Learn more about sealcoating in West Haven, CT!

Crack Repair — Cracks can shorten the life of your asphalt pavement. Water entering through cracks can compromise the integrity of the foundation, resulting in costly repairs. Learn more about crack repair in West Haven, CT!

Asphalt Repair — Eventually, all asphalt will need to be replaced. Toward the end of its life, asphalt dries out and turns brittle. However, a full replacement may not be possible immediately. We can use certain techniques, such as patching, to make your asphalt driveway last a little bit longer. Learn more about asphalt repair in West Haven, CT!

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Our school and church parking lots were in serious need of repair. We have always heard of Frank’s great reputation and were not disappointed with the results. Our newly surfaced parking lot just made it through the worst winter on the books looking like the day Frank and his team finished the job.

St. James School, Stratford, CT

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