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End Season Driveway Sealing

End Season Driveway Sealing, Driveway Sealing Call Frank, we have been serving New Haven and Fairfield counties with driveway sealing services, infrared pothole repair, asphalt sealingAsphalt contractors recommend that customers who need to have fresh sealcoating applied arrange for the work to be done before winter weather arrives. Sealcoating provides an extra layer of protection against the ravages of nature as well as the damages that salt and other deicing agents can cause. Inevitably, however, as fall begins to near an end, many customers call to see if it is too late to have sealcoating applied. There is no universal answer to that question other than, “Maybe.” It all depends on whether the weather conditions are within the tolerances specified by sealant manufacturers.

End Season Driveway Sealing – Minimum Requirements for Applying Sealants

Sealcoating manufacturers test their formulas under a variety of conditions to determine how the sealant will perform. Although there may be some minor differences in the specifications between manufacturers or a manufacturer’s different sealants, most specifications state identical requirements for a successful application.

• Air temperature must be at least 50 degrees throughout the application and curing processes.
• Ground temperature must be at least 50 degrees throughout the application and curing processes.
• Sealcoating must cure thoroughly before precipitation occurs.
• During the summer, sealants typically must receive a minimum of two hours of direct sunlight to cure properly. As temperatures drop, sealants require more exposure to direct sunlight, which can often be as much as six hours.
• Additional curing time will be required for shaded areas.
• A second coat should not be applied until the first coat has cured completely.

Challenges of End-Season Sealcoating

As you can see from the list of specifications, it can be difficult to find autumn and winter days that meet all of the requirements. However, this does not mean that it will be impossible to have sealcoating applied. There are some challenges, though, that your asphalt sealing professional — and you — may need to address.

• With fewer hours of daylight, contractors normally must wait until the following day to apply the second coat. He will have to mobilize his crew and equipment more than once, which can increase costs. This can also require that you keep the area closed to traffic for an extra day.
• Although your contractor will pay close attention to the weather forecast, conditions can change rapidly. Should temperatures drop more than predicted or an unexpected shower occur, the sealant could be ruined.
• Additives can be used to accelerate curing time or provide other benefits for end-season sealcoating, but they have their limitations. Your sealcoating professional can advise whether additives would be suitable for your project.

At Driveway Sealing Call Frank, we have been serving New Haven and Fairfield counties with driveway sealing services since 1998. We also offer asphalt paving, infrared pothole repair, crack repair, parking lot markings and many other asphalt-related services. We are a locally owned company with a commitment to providing quality work at competitive prices. Our crews are highly qualified professionals who are dedicated to outstanding workmanship and superior customer service. If you would like to discuss your sealcoating needs or request a free quote, you can call 1-800-DRIVEWAY or 1-203-378-0080, or you can send us your details by completing the online form.

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