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How Property Managers Can Prepare for Sealcoating

How Property Managers Can Prepare for Sealcoating, stratford, ct Many property managers have a great deal of experience ensuring that the landscaping is maintained, handling requests from tenants and scheduling maintenance for the HVAC equipment. In many cases, however, they have less experience when it comes to the property’s paved areas. Therefore, it is common for sealcoating contractors to find that property managers do not realize all of the preparation that is required for a quality sealcoating job. When property managers are willing to become involved in the preparation, the job can be completed faster, there will be less disruption, the pavement can be opened faster and the work area will be safer for the contractor’s crew as well as the people who work at or visit the property.

How Property Managers Can Prepare for Sealcoating –¬†Take a Look at Your Pavement

You may have only noticed that the pavement has faded to an unappealing shade of gray. However, if the pavement has oxidized, it is likely to have developed numerous cracks as well. There may even be a few potholes or patches of alligator cracking. All of these damages will need to be repaired before the sealant is applied. Be sure to ask your contractor how he plans to make the repairs as well as whether the repairs will affect your target date for the asphalt sealcoating job to be finished.

Secure the Cooperation of Your Tenants

Your tenants, their employees and their customers will be impacted by the work. You do not want your tenants to be caught by surprise on the morning of the work. Send them a letter well in advance of the day scheduled for the work. If they will need to park in a different area, be sure that you let them know where the alternative parking will be located. Remind them to make sure that all vehicles are removed from the work area before the contractor arrives on the scheduled day. Let them know who to contact if they have any questions or problems with the scheduled work.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

You and your paving contractor will need to maintain communications in the days leading up to the work. Each of you should advise the other if something unexpected arises that could delay the commencement of the work. In turn, you should keep your employees and tenants updated.

Ask Your Contractor About Your Responsibilities

If you are not certain what you need to do, ask your asphalt contractor. Some points that he might mention include turning off the sprinkler system the day before the work starts, having pallets of material removed or making sure that someone will be available with a key to let his crew into areas secured by a locked gate. He may also ask you to delegate a second contact person who has the authority to make decisions if a problem arises during the course of the work should you be unavailable.

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