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How Sand Improves the Safety of Sealed Pavement

2011-09-21_10-24-59_366Sealcoating professionals are often surprised to learn that many customers do not understand the need for sand in the sealant mix. Some people think that adding sand somehow makes the sealant less desirable. In reality, a sealant mixed without sand is the inferior product. Professionals always add sand to the sealcoating mix to provide a finished product that delivers quality results.

How Sand Improves the Safety of Sealed Pavement

The most important benefit that sand provides is that it makes the sealed pavement safer. Sand reduces glare that can distract drivers or impair their vision. Adding sand also enhances traction and makes the sealed pavement less slippery. The safety benefits provided by adding sand to the mix mean that property owners reduce their risk of lawsuits resulting from damaged vehicles or injured pedestrians.

Other Benefits of Adding Sand

Sand makes sealcoating last longer. Sealants without sand deteriorate much faster and can quickly be worn away by normal traffic.

Adding sand also improves the appearance of the pavement after the sealcoating has cured. The sand helps fill in minor flaws in the pavement, including hairline cracks.

The Right Sand Is Critical

The contractor must use sand with grains that are the correct size; if the sand grains are too large, traffic will dislodge them, and they will grind away at the sealcoating. If the sand is too fine, it can absorb more water than it should, throwing the ratio of solids to liquids out of proportion.

The sand must also be kept in suspension. Much like sugar added to a glass of water, the particles will begin to fall out of suspension if they are not agitated. This means that the sand will not be distributed evenly throughout the sealcoating and the overall quality of the job will be affected.

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