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New Pavement Care

New Pavement Care, driveway sealcoating stratfordIf you have had new asphalt pavement installed, there is probably no need to tell you how attractive it is. You may have taken a moment to admire its lustrous color or taken note of how vivid the pavement markings appear. However, you may be wondering what you should do to keep your new pavement looking its best or to ensure that it has the longevity that you expect.

New Pavement Care – Have Sealcoating Applied ASAP

You cannot have sealant applied to new asphalt pavement as soon as it is installed. New asphalt contains excessive oil that needs to be lost before sealcoating is applied. The UV rays emitted by the sun will remove the excess oil, but it typically takes between 30 and 90 days before sealcoating can be applied. However, if you forget to have sealant applied, the sun will remove too much oil, drying out your pavement and leaving it brittle and faded. Ask your contractor when you can have your new pavement sealed; go ahead and schedule the work or make an entry on your calendar so that you do not forget this critical procedure. When sealcoating is included in an effective program of preventive maintenance, the life of asphalt pavement is often doubled. In addition, sealcoating brings back the dark color that asphalt pavement has when it is newly installed.

Wait the Recommended Time Before Opening the Pavement to Traffic

When asphalt pavement is not given sufficient time to cure, it can be damaged by routine traffic. The contractor who built your new pavement should have advised you of when you could open the pavement to foot traffic and when you could allow vehicle traffic. These are usually two different times; pedestrians can typically be allowed the same night that the pavement is installed, but vehicle traffic may need to be restricted for as long as two days. However, every situation is different, so be sure and discuss the matter with your contractor.

Remove Leaked Automotive Fluids Promptly

Automotive fluids contain petroleum distillates that can destroy the binders holding your pavement together. After asphalt pavement has been sealed a few times, it becomes fairly resistant to automotive fluids. However, until your first sealcoating job, you need to be proactive about removing leaked fluids as quickly as you can.

Other Things to Guard Against

Until your pavement is fully cured, it will be more susceptible to damage from a variety of sources. For example, hard turns, quick stops and manipulating the steering wheel on a vehicle that is not in motion can potentially remove a portion of the surface or leave unsightly marks. Kickstands and stiletto heels can sink into the pavement and leave depressions. Heavy loads can damage pavement if they remain stationary for more than a day or so. Some of these may be beyond your control, but placing boards that bike riders can use for their kickstands and avoiding stationary loads can help. You should also place a board under trailer jacks to prevent indentations. If you must use dollies or carts, make sure that they have rubber wheels as steel wheels can cut into new pavement.

Repair Damage Promptly

If you notice cracks or other signs of damage, do not delay. Asphalt repair is needed if there is more damage before it grows worse. Cracks can lead to pavement deterioration if water penetrates to the supporting foundation. If aesthetics are important, you might want to consider infrared patching; this method leaves a seamless, virtually invisible repair.

Choose an Experienced Asphalt Professional

At Driveway Sealing Call Frank, we have been helping customers with their paving-related needs since 1998. Our services include individualized maintenance plans, sealcoating, asphalt repair, asphalt paving, parking lot striping, infrared asphalt repairs, concrete repairs, concrete pavement installation, curbing and pavement markings. We provide residential and commercial sealcoating services with quality work at competitive rates. If you would like a free quote, fill out the online form or call (203) 378-0080 or 1-800-DRIVEWAY.

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My home in Orange has a very long, uphill and curving driveway that had many alligator cracks and other problems over 18 years of use. Frank’s asphalt heating and curing process did an excellent job to refinish the driveway and get it looking nearly like new.

It was not all roses, however, since some of the work was done in the late Fall and the seal coating over certain areas could not be done over the Winter. In the early Spring, the driveway looked very patchy. However, Frank and his team came back in two days and not only completed the promised work but went beyond our agreement to assure my satisfaction. I met Frank 3 times in this process and I can say without reservation that he is an honest man who stands behind his work.

Mark Nordstrom, Orange, CT

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