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Parking Lot Safety Advice

Parking Lot Safety Advice in stratford, It’s that time of the year again — time to deal with parking lots that will be crowded with holiday shoppers and possibly coated with ice and snow. Even your employer’s parking lot may be proving a bit more treacherous. The following tips can help you safely navigate parking lots at any time of the year whether you are behind the wheel or walking to and from your car.

Parking Lot Safety Advice – Remain Alert

Watch for vehicles that are cutting across parking spaces rather than using the traffic aisles. Be especially vigilant when backing out of a space or when walking behind cars that have their motors running. As a pedestrian, follow the same rules you would when walking along a busy street — never dart out from between two parked cars, look both ways before crossing and take advantage of crosswalks whenever possible.

Drive — and Park — Considerately

Take it slow when backing out of a space, making sure that you are clear in all directions and that the car behind you is not backing out at the same time. Never speed through a parking lot or travel the wrong way down an aisle, obey traffic signs and never drive around barricades or through traffic cones. Park as close to the center of the space as you can, and never take more than one space. If you see a car waiting for you to pass before turning left into a parking space, it is both risky and inconsiderate to claim that space for your own.

Parking Lot Safety Advice – Safety Tips for Pedestrians

Make sure that your footwear is appropriate for the weather to help prevent falls. Hold your umbrella so that you still have a clear field of vision. Never assume that just because you see a car, the driver can see you; his vision may be obscured by a foggy windshield or a part of the car’s frame. Wait until you are inside the building to send texts or review your shopping list.

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