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Parking Lot Striping & Design Changes

Whether you manage an apartment complex, a shopping center, an office park or a hotel, you know how much your property’s curb appeal can affect your business. Your parking lot is part of your curb appeal, but the efficiency and safety of your lot is also important. When your customers and guests feel comfortable in the area, they will be more inclined to bring their business to you instead of a competitor whose lot features navigational difficulties and congested traffic lanes. If you are unhappy with the current configuration or feel a need for Parking Lot Striping & Design Changes, you might want to consider the changes below.

Parking Lot Striping & Design Changes  РHow Sweeping Can the Changes Be?

Design changes to your parking lot can be as sweeping as you wish. Although we cannot manufacture more land for your parking lot or move your buildings, trees or walls, we can alter virtually any other element. However, most of the time, parking lots need just a few “tweaks” to transform the design.

Is Parking Lot Redesign Merely Changing the Stripes?

Striping changes are common requests when clients want to alter a parking lot design. Sometimes, customers want to go from a single stripe to a more sophisticated double stripe with a closed circular end, an enclosed rectangle on each space or a customized striping pattern. However, there are many other design options you might want to consider.

For example, if you notice that your visitors are having trouble maneuvering their vehicles into and out of head-in parking spaces, you might want to reconfigure your lot for angled parking. If your traffic aisles are somewhat narrow, you might want to consider changing the flow pattern from two-way to one-way, especially if you have head-in parking. If there is a problem with drivers speeding through your parking lot, you might find that speed bumps help discourage the practice. If people are parking in loading zones or emergency lanes, pavement markings and/or signage can help keep these areas clear. If drivers are taking shortcuts across rows of parking spaces, you might consider adding wheel stops, making the lot safer for pedestrians as well as other drivers. You may also need to update the visibility of crosswalk markings or ensure that handicapped spaces are marked in compliance with ADA guidelines.

Furthermore, when you hire an experienced contractor, he may discover ways to increase the capacity of your parking lot that you had not considered. For example, you might have wasted room along a wall or building that could be utilized for parallel parking or other areas that could have stalls angled at 45 degrees instead of 60 degrees.

A design change can also be a good time to make your parking lot more environmentally friendly. Terminal islands at the end of rows can hold trees, shrubbery or flowers. Islands between parking rows eliminate pull-throughs and help drivers ensure that the fronts of their vehicles are within the parking space. Perimeter islands or curbs allow you to plant trees or shrubs for privacy while keeping your plants and your visitors’ vehicles safe from damage.

Where Should I Start?

The first step is to contact a reputable, experienced contractor. Driveway Sealing Call Frank is a commercial and driveway asphalt maintenance contractor, we have the experience, skills and reputation that you need. We deliver exceptional workmanship at reasonable rates, and we are known for our superior customer service. Our services include parking lot striping and markings, asphalt and concrete repairs, sealcoating, asphalt and concrete paving, infrared asphalt repairs and curbing. If you have more questions about Parking Lot Striping & Design Changes or would like a free quote, complete the online form or call 1-800-DRIVEWAY or 1-203-378-0080.

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