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Sealcoating in the Fall

Sealcoating in the Fall, asphalt sealcoating ctThere is no denying that Connecticut enjoys some of the nation’s most brilliant fall foliage. For some people, autumn represents a time to relax and recover from a hectic summer. For others, however, the fall foliage reminds them that they overlooked having fresh seal coat applied during the summer. They are wondering whether there it is possible to have sealcoating applied in the fall. If the weather cooperates, it may not be too late to protect your asphalt pavement from the winter weather.

Sealcoating in the Fall – Challenges

Sealcoating professionals must overcome a number of challenges to deliver quality work during the autumn months. Sealants need sufficient exposure to sunlight to cure properly, and as the days grow shorter, this can make the job more difficult. In addition, the water contained in the sealant must evaporate at the correct rate; cooler temperatures and high humidity levels reduce the rate of evaporation. Another challenge involves falling leaves; if they land on the pavement before the sealcoating is dry, they will stick to the sealant, weakening its strength and marring its appearance.

The scope of the job can also present challenges. If two coats of sealant must be applied to a large parking lot, for example, it is highly unlikely that the contractor can finish the job in one day. This may require you to keep the area closed for a longer period. Furthermore, it is possible that the contractor will charge more to offset the additional costs of transporting his crew and equipment multiple times for the same job.

Conditions Required for Successful Sealcoating

Ideal conditions for sealcoating are days when the surface and pavement temperatures are approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the relative humidity is less than 50 percent and the wind velocity is between 3 mph and 10 mph. However, sealant manufacturers know that in many areas, all of these ideals rarely occur on the same day. Therefore, they provide contractors with a set of minimum requirements for their sealants.

• Surface and air temperatures must both be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit while the sealant is being applied and throughout the first night following application.
• Sealcoating should never be applied if the relative humidity exceeds 90 percent.
• Wind speeds must not be strong enough to dry the top layer too quickly or the appearance can be affected.
• There should be no chance of precipitation for at least 24 hours after application.
• Applying sealants on a cloudy day is not recommended, especially if humidity levels are high and/or the temperature is hovering near the minimum.

Closing Thoughts

Although it is not impossible to have sealcoating applied in early autumn, there are many factors that must fall into place for the job to be successful. If conditions are not favorable, you might want to consider having repairs performed in the fall and waiting until spring to have sealcoating applied. However, before making a decision, you should consult an experienced, reputable sealcoating professional to determine your best course of action.

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