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Sealcoating: Preparation is Key

april 20 2015 pic 5If you have ever hired a professional to paint the interior of your home and were happy with the results, you may have noticed the steps taken before the first can of paint was opened. Wall hangings were removed, furnishings were protected, areas that were not to be painted were masked and holes in the drywall were filled. If there were crayon marks or other stains on the walls, they were cleaned and perhaps primed. The painter arrived with all of the tools needed, including a ladder of the correct height, extra brushes and roller covers. By arriving with the necessary equipment and taking the time to prepare properly, the painter could deliver better work in less time. Without the preparation, your walls would not look as good.

Similarly, a quality sealcoating job requires the contractor to invest some time and effort in preparing the pavement properly. Preparation helps ensure that the finish will be smooth and attractive, the sealant will bond properly and your sealcoating will last as long as it should.

Sealcoating: Preparation is Key – Set Up a Safe Work Area

When your contractor’s crew arrives to perform your driveway sealing job, the first thing they will do is close the area to traffic. They may use traffic cones, barricades, tape or another method to restrict entry to the work area. This is done to ensure the safety of the workers and their equipment as well as the safety of any pedestrians or drivers who might approach.

Perform an Initial Cleaning

If there is a great deal of litter or debris on the pavement, workers will clear it so that they can identify areas that need to be repaired or given special attention. Depending on the scope of the cleaning needed, the crew may use a power washer, push broom, air broom or even a shovel to remove the debris. If automotive fluids have leaked on the pavement, workers may need to use a wire brush to scrub them or apply a primer to cover them.

Make All Necessary Repairs

Sealants are not adequate substitutes for crack fillers, so cracks will need to be filled. Potholes will need to be patched or filled. If your pavement has alligator cracking, the damaged pavement will probably require removal and replacement. If vegetation has grown in the cracks or potholes, it will need to be removed before the damage is repaired.

Perform a Final Cleaning

Whether a final cleaning is needed depends on how thoroughly the initial cleaning removed dirt and sand. If the first cleaning did not remove embedded dirt, another cleaning may be required. The time gap between the initial cleaning and the application of the sealant can also be a factor. If several days have elapsed, the pavement may need to be cleaned again, especially if it has rained during that time and runoff has carried mud or dirt onto the pavement.

Dry the Pavement

If water was used to clean the pavement, the contractor may use an air broom to expedite the evaporation or a push broom to spread the water into a thinner, wider area. The pavement must be dry before the sealant can be applied.

Select the Right Contractor

Not every step is necessary on every job. If you have chosen an experienced, reputable contractor, you can trust his judgment on the critical steps to prepare your pavement for sealcoating.

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