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Power Washing

Power Washing in Stratford, Fairfield County CT

Over time pavement surfaces begin to develop a film of dirt and grime. Not only does this diminish the beauty of your pavement, but is also a safety issue if the pavement becomes slippery. Power washing is an effective and cost-efficient method of restoring the original beauty of your property.

Power Washing is a simple process that uses detergent and water sprayed at a high pressure to break away layers of dirt that have accumulated over years of neglect.

The detergent’s used are a combination of cleaners that helps to break down dirt molecules much like dish soap on tough stains. It is tough enough to break through grease, gum and stains without causing any damage to pavement and pavement markings. Pressure washers can also simply use water if the surface is more delicate.

The high pressure of commercial power washing equipment is the feature that makes all the difference to the appearance and condition of pavements. When used correctly, the pressure of the water can remove thick tar and even paint without harming the surface of the pavement. It is recommended to use a professional power washing service like Driveway Sealing Call Frank rather than attempt this process on your own. Furthermore, our power washing process is quick, unlike some other methods of cleaning.

Power washing in the Stratford area with Driveway Sealing Call Frank can keep your concrete or asphalt pavement at its best. We will arrange the most convenient time for your business to minimize the impact our service will have on your daily operations.

Professional Power Washing in Stratford

Power washing is safe and effective in the hands of professionals like Driveway Sealing Call Frank. We will be able to determine the proper methods to produce the best cleaning results for your specific surface.

We offer power washing throughout the Connecticut counties of Fairfield and New Haven including the towns of Fairfield, Westport, Westin, Milford, Orange and Woodbridge.

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Driveway Sealing Call Frank specializes in power washing as an integral part of maintaining your pavement. We are fully equipped to handle your toughest power washing challenges. Trust the Stratford, Fairfield/New Haven County experts for your asphalt or concrete cleaning. Contact us by calling 1-800-Driveway or fill out the FREE Job Quote form for a no obligation consultation on your next project.

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Our school and church parking lots were in serious need of repair. We have always heard of Frank’s great reputation and were not disappointed with the results. Our newly surfaced parking lot just made it through the worst winter on the books looking like the day Frank and his team finished the job.

St. James School, Stratford, CT

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