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Spring Sealcoating Time

Spring Sealcoating Time, sealcoating darien,If you are looking for ways to maximize the return on your investment in asphalt pavement, sealcoating should be at the top of your list. Assuming that you do not allow overweight traffic on your pavement and that you have cracks filled promptly, your asphalt pavement could last up to twice as long if you simply have fresh sealcoating applied periodically. The intervals between sealcoating will depend on the use that your pavement receives and its overall condition, but every two to three years is typically about right for most properties. However, you should keep in mind that there are certain times of the year during which sealcoating cannot be applied.

Spring Sealcoating Time – What is Perfect?

Sealcoating manufacturers recommend the ideal conditions for applying their products. However, it is important to remember that “ideal” conditions rarely happen. For example, most gardeners know that if the ideal conditions for a rose are eight hours of sunlight, a soil pH of 6.5 and an area that is completely free from grass, there is no need to abandon plans for the rose if your location will only permit seven hours of sunlight or your soil has a pH of 7.0. If most of the rose’s other requirements are met, it will grow just fine.

Similarly, when applying sealcoating, a day featuring every ideal condition is virtually never going to occur. Sealant manufacturers define ideal conditions as sunny days with humidity levels below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, temperatures above 50 degrees for the first 24 hours, a wind speed of at least 3 mph and temperatures below approximately 70 degrees.

When Is the Best Time for Sealcoating in Fairfield and New Haven Counties?

Since there is not likely to ever be a “perfect” time for sealcoating in this area, it is only possible to state the “best” times of the year. However, weather patterns are unpredictable and can vary widely between years. Historically, the weather is cooperative from the last few days of May through the end of September. Early in May, overnight lows may fall below the minimum temperature, and although there may be days during October that are conducive to sealcoating, there are usually many more days on which sealcoating may not be a good idea.

However, there is one ideal condition that is rarely met in this area during the summer months — the relative humidity. Therefore, conditions are normally closer to ideal during the spring. It is important to remember, however, that sealcoating professionals often apply sealants when the relative humidity is as much as 95 percent with no problems. Experienced sealcoating companies know that one condition that is less-than-ideal does not mean that a sealcoating job cannot succeed.

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At Driveway Sealing Call Frank is a commercial and driveway sealing contractor and has been sealcoating in New Haven and Fairfield counties since 1998. We also offer infrared asphalt repairs, parking lot striping, asphalt paving, pothole repairs, crack sealing and curbing as well as concrete repair and installation. We handle residential and commercial jobs of all sizes.

Our mission is to provide exceptional results at competitive prices. Our employees are knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are dedicated to delivering excellent work and outstanding customer service. If you would like to request a quote, you can fill out our online form or call us at either 1-800-DRIVEWAY or (203) 378-0080.

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My home in Orange has a very long, uphill and curving driveway that had many alligator cracks and other problems over 18 years of use. Frank’s asphalt heating and curing process did an excellent job to refinish the driveway and get it looking nearly like new.

It was not all roses, however, since some of the work was done in the late Fall and the seal coating over certain areas could not be done over the Winter. In the early Spring, the driveway looked very patchy. However, Frank and his team came back in two days and not only completed the promised work but went beyond our agreement to assure my satisfaction. I met Frank 3 times in this process and I can say without reservation that he is an honest man who stands behind his work.

Mark Nordstrom, Orange, CT

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