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What is the typical lifespan of asphalt pavement?

Asphalt pavement remains viable for nearly 30 years, but its average lifespan depends on a variety of things, from its design and construction to environmental factors such as wet and dry climates. In fact, asphalt degrades even quicker when it bears the weight of heavy loads. Without proper maintenance and care, asphalt degrades prematurely and affects the visual appeal of driveways and parking lots. We offer a wide range of services including asphalt sealcoating and asphalt repair to help you keep your asphalt maintenance in top shape.

Cause and Effect

Asphalt typically starts to degrade after the first year or two and declines at a steady rate after the eighth year of its construction. If a driveway or a parking lot has a flawed design or inadequate construction, the asphalt can fail even sooner. In addition, if the asphalt has insufficient drainage, it can lead to failure of its foundation and the asphalt itself.

When the asphalt heats up during the day and cools at night, it weakens due to expansion and contraction. Weather also affects the lifespan of asphalt in other ways. For example, moisture can seep into small cracks on the surface and build up beneath the asphalt. Over time, this moisture weakens the foundation and causes the asphalt to collapse. Combine a weak foundation with heavy loads, and the asphalt’s lifespan shortens even more.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Want to increase the lifespan of your asphalt pavement? Call Driveway Sealing Call Frank at 1-800-DRIVEWAY of fill out the free job quote form. We specialize in driveway sealcoating, commercial asphalt sealcoating, parking lot repair and asphalt crack repair. We also offer asphalt paving, curbing, professional parking lot striping and pothole repair services. From a power washing to concrete installation, we make sure to do the job right the first time and maintain your pavement for years to come.

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My home in Orange has a very long, uphill and curving driveway that had many alligator cracks and other problems over 18 years of use. Frank’s asphalt heating and curing process did an excellent job to refinish the driveway and get it looking nearly like new.

It was not all roses, however, since some of the work was done in the late Fall and the seal coating over certain areas could not be done over the Winter. In the early Spring, the driveway looked very patchy. However, Frank and his team came back in two days and not only completed the promised work but went beyond our agreement to assure my satisfaction. I met Frank 3 times in this process and I can say without reservation that he is an honest man who stands behind his work.

Mark Nordstrom, Orange, CT

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